Phil Broyles BS, CADCII Teras Interventions & Counseling Inc.
Domestic Violence Intervention / Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling Services
"...I would like to add that working with you and Frank on this project has certainly more than made up for the frustration of working with our last vendor who was all talk, little or no follow through and rude to top it off. I really appreciate your work ethic, honest communication and integrity. I will recommend your product to my colleagues..."

Larry Beaty, C.A.S.A.C., I.C.A.D.C. Director, Operations & Counseling
Beaty Counseling Services Inc.
"We recognized early on that ABRIZA Case Management could help us spend more time with our clients and far less time shuffling papers. At our request, they quickly added some features we really felt we needed to be more effective day-to-day. We're really quite happy with our decision."

Wayne White Program Director
Footprints, Inc. Kansas City, Missouri
"Once we took a look at ABRIZA, it's easy to see that it was built by and for counselors like us. From our perspective, it's a great value and saves us extra effort each and every day. Their support is responsive and helpful and we appreciate that!"

Frank Fatino, CRADC / Director
Fatino Counseling Services LLC.
"While we really wanted to grow our service, we kept getting slowed down by all the tracking requirements and record-keeping that had become a part of our daily lives. While the record- keeping hasnít gone away, itís far easier now that we have Abriza in place."

How Do I Get Started?

Once you choose ABRIZA, things start getting easier very quickly.

For starters, we know you might dread the idea of having to learn a new system and then have to take time to get all your current client information into that system.

We listened, and we understand. That's why, as part of your new relationship with Abriza, you can count on us to transcribe all your client information into the new system for you. Yes, really.

Once that's done, that's when you get to see all your familiar client information, in its new 'home'. You will see the same information you've been tracking in Excel and Word and paper Ė easy to find, and intuitive to use.

Now, with "real" data to use, our training makes more sense, more quickly.

Single agency counselor

As a counselor, you spend most of your time keeping track of client information and progress so that you can evaluate his/her progress and report it to the funding agency or parole officer. Having to collect, summarize and send this information from disparate sources such as MS Word, Excel, sometimes even notes on regular notepads or 3 x 5 can sure take time and be overwhelming.


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